Monday, 3 September 2012

Dundrum Blogger in Residence:Challenge 3

For the third part of the Dundrum "Blogger in Residence" our task was to write  about any one of the fashion shows that were on over last weekend. I attended the last show on Saturday at 4.30 The show started  exactly on time and it was fantastic! The audience were made up of all all ages from Lolly-licking Children, all the way up to Grannies.. All age groups were crowded along both sides of the catwalk. The Catwalk wasn't overly big, and you were able to really get a good glimpse at all of the pieces on offer in Dundrum. If I wasn't already excited enough about this A/W, I am now.

 As soon as people started to gather, the atmosphere became what you can only call as energetic. The music was pumping, the models were ready to rock the runway, and the audience were waiting in anticipation.  Everyone received a printed handout, and on it was a running order of the show, with all the essential information you needed, e.g what the model was wearing, how much the individual items cost, and of course where it would be available to purchase. It came in extremely helpful, as the show was fast paced, so it gave you the chance to enjoy the show, and not worry about writing information down. The professionalism in the show, was exceptional. I can only imagine how difficult a show like that is to orchestrate, but the organizers truly came up trumps.

It was fantastic, that everything shown on the catwalk, was available to purchase in Dundrum Town Centre that day. I've lost count of how many times, I've come across a item I loved  in a similar fashion show or magazine, only to discover that the garment in question isn't out in stores for another two months, so the customer was definitely kept in mind, throughout.
As you can see in the images above, a number of different looks were shown. Items from the Luxurious Harvey Nichols, to everybody's favourite Penney's were shown. They showcased gorgeous coats, comfy casual wear and gorgeous, glamorous sequin cocktail numbers. My favourite dress, was the full sequined gown from Jovani in Harvey Nichols,(Trust my magpie like tendencies and expensive tastes!)but judging by the audience's reaction, it wasn't just me! The Show was categorized into different trends and styles. "Coat Story", "Military Parade", "Jean Genie", "Lady Like Chic" and "Glam Nights' Party Wear"

 For me, my favourite was a toss up between "Coat Story" and "Glam Nights' Party Wear". With the dark nights, seem to be creeping in, ever so fast, I'm on the look out for the perfect coat. The Electric Blue over sized coat from H&M really caught my eye, as did the tweed coat from Fran and Jane with the faux-fur cuffs. For Glam Nights' Party Wear, the girls looked very glam in short sequined numbers, while the boys looked very dapper in their suits. It definitely got me excited for the upcoming party season!

What struck me most as a "Curvy Blogger" was the presence of gorgeous curvier models, showing that fashion isn't limited to any particular size.The variety of models in the show was encouraging as Older women were also represented,looking very elegant and beautiful.Overall the slim, curvy and older women provided a show that had something in it for everyone, giving the everyday Dundrum shopper, someone they could relate to. The boys weren't totally overlooked either with them sporting the latest looks from Jack Jones, Zara and Hugo Boss in a mix of casual wear and evening wear. Us girls won't be short on gift idea's for our fella this Christmas, anyway!

Overall the show was very engaging, energetic and informative. I enjoyed it immensely and hope Dundrum continue to organise such great fashion shows!

Voting is now open! I'd really appreciate all your votes again, to get me into the final 3! It would mean so so so much ! 
All you need to do is follow the link,scroll down and click on the last link! :)



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