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Dundrum Blogger in Residence Challenge Two

For the second part of the Dundrum Blogger in Residence Challenge the focus was on Accessories. Every Fashionista knows that accessories are the easiest way to transform an outfit and an affordable way to incorporate trends into your current wardrobe.  For this challenge I've focused on my four favourite  stores, showcasing what they have to offer for Autumn/Winter.
River Island Set

      Whenever I'm looking for a funky scarf or a piece of statement jewellery, River Island immediately comes to mind. Their price points are reasonable, and they have a broad selection of accessories which seem to follow this season's trends religiously. One thing that I always notice that that their collections appear to be inspired by high fashion luxury goods.
            For example, this beautiful Rose Gold watch featured above, which has become synonymous with Michael Kors is now available for only a fraction. Similarly, the black and gold studded boots are also reminiscent of a pair that ChloĆ©, did a few years ago.
            What I love about this set, is that you could incorporate all these accessories into your current wardrobe as they are extremely versatile.

  •      You could funk up your LBD with a the cat ear hair band and leopard print wedge sneakers for a cute casual day look which could be seamlessly transformed with these thigh high boots and a statement collar or cuff for a more outrageously sexy night ensemble.
  •       The tribal inspired scarf and red leather bag could be paired with your everyday skinny jeans and a plan white tank top for an effortlessly chic nod to the current tribal trend. Alternatively, both pieces can be worn independently for a more tame approach.
  •          As much as I love the benefit of adding a few inches to my height, I have yet to feel the same way about the pain of wearing heels, the thought of which can sometimes be too overwhelming before I even put them on! Fortunately, the flatform shoe offers a compromise between the two that you can't help but love. They give you the height without the heel, allowing you to shop all day, pain free  As such, I am absolutely ecstatic that they are in for A/W 2012!
  •     Thanks to the late great Alexander McQueen, the skull motif scarf is still on trend. As you can see above, I chose the black and pink version, as it will go with pretty much any outfit, as well as provides a pop of colour, giving any outfit an instant lift.
  •     Neon jewellery is remains on trend this season and these collection of eclectic colourful bracelets are perfect for Autumn days, providing a little fun to play with while you're reminiscing about those longer summer evenings and want something to tide you over until next year.
  •    The white shirt is one of those essential pieces that every girl (and guy!) must have in their wardrobes. Why not funk up your everyday white shirt with a collar, like the one I have featured above, paired with a pair of black cigarette pants? Instantly on trend! Now you have no excuse to claim you have "nothing to wear" as you stare into your bulging, overfilled closet!

  I find that I can always rely on Topshop to provide an edgier twist on trend-inspired pieces than most other stores. One thing that I love is how you can nearly always find something alternative.
            Studded accessories are still huge for A/W this year, with everything from pumps to jackets being adorned with the shiny metallic nuances of Rock'n'Roll, and Topshop has certainly delivered!
            Their jewellery line ranges from pretty lace collars to the coolest of ear cuffs. A personal favourite of mine are their collars, which are definitely the most edgy I've seen around at an affordable price.
            I mean, Leather and studs. What's not to like?

  • For A/W in Ireland, you can't afford to not invest in a scarf! I've always found Topshop to be an invaluable source of the season's hottest colours and prints, while  the quality is exceptional! Not to mention that the warmth that they provide allows them to serve a dual purpose as both fashionable and functional, making them perfect for our Irish Winter
  •     I love these loafers, especially as the studs are bright gold, and really stand out against the black. Pair them on with a pair black tights or skinny jeans.
  •        There has never been a doubt that faux-fur will always be in style for A/W. This Faux fur cream hat is not only a piece that you can wear for a few years but it will also keep you toasty in the cooler months without compromising on style. I've also chosen to include the bowler hate as one of this A/W's must haves. Believe it or not but it actually suits the majority of people, working well with both curly and straight hair. Never fear though, it doesn't give you that awful "hat hair"!
  •    This season heralds the return of the Military trend, which means camouflage jackets are everywhere. If you're not too keen on investing in a piece of camouflage clothing, might I suggest you go for a pair of trainers? Cool canvas shoes in a camouflage print like these are probably your best bet. Not to mention they're affordable, up to date, and most importantly, can be worn with a variety of items in your wardrobe.
  •        Brothel Creepers aren't to everyone's taste, but with a cute pair of frilly socks, they're bang on trend. Wear them with barely black tights and faded denim shorts and you'll be rockin'!
  •       Crosses are still around for this year's A/W. As much as I love the dark silver ones, I find they do not complement my girly girl style as much as I would like them to. I do, however love the pearl version! It's an elegant, lady-like touch of glamour, yet it still represents the cross theme. This is definitely the most feminine cross ring I've ever seen!

 Harvey Nichols Set 
From Alexander McQueen to Yves San Laurent, Harvey Nichols, really is the holy grail of Dundrum Town Centre.
  Oh, if only I had an unlimited bank balance...
            Unfortunately I do not, but that doesn't stop me from wandering in and lecherously leaning over the glass counters, lusting over these designer goods!
            For the more financially... generous amongst us, this place is a literal treasure trove of all those beautiful things you've only ever dreamed about owning, and is well worth a look if you plan on treating yourself (and why shouldn't you? You probably deserve it!)
            Now, If only I could have the option of choosing between the gorgeous YSL hot pink clutch bag or an Alexander McQueen studded ring clutch.... hmmmm....

  •         This Michael Kors tote is an affordable designer bag, considering it would make a great investment purchase! I recommend to buy it in a neutral colour such as tan, so you could wear it season after season, with a variety of different ensembles. 
  • The other accessories that I have chosen are not specifically for this A/W, but can instead work for all seasons, as let's face it, if you're going to splash out on a designer item, you want to be able to get as much wear out of it as possible to truly get your money's worth.
            Word to the wise,  you may spend much longer in store than anticipated upon reaching the shoe section, but don't be embarrassed should you find yourself being pried away from them by the security guard upon closing time. It happens to the best of us ;)

            "Penneys, thanks" is a phrase that every Irish girl knows, whether she heard it from her own mouth or someone who she just complimented.
            Synonymous with inexpensive, on trend fashion, Penneys, the Irish brand of Primark remains to this day one of my favourite places to shop, especially for accessories.
            Considered by many as "throw-away" buys, I have found most of their products to be of high street quality, with a thrift store price tag (hurray!)
  •        This shimmering gold satchel is an absolute steal. This  shoulder bag, inspired by the famous Cambridge Satchel, is just as beautiful and more cost efficient, and will work with nearly any outfit. Wear with to work. Wear it to school. Wear it to college. The possibilities are endless.
  •  These studded black slipper shoes continue the stud trend I discussed early, and make for a less expensive alternative to the "Vectra" by Topshop flats above should you find yourself on a budget before pay-day. Combine them with the black studded tote an you have an instant on trend look
  •        I absolutely love these floral ankle boots (surprise, surprise, I love something floral! Shocker!) They are perfect to add a pop of colour and femininity to any outfit. The ankle boot is a big motif this A/W, and this pair are to die for! 
  •      Alternatively, choose the grey or tan ankle boots above for a more neutral approach to the trend. These both look much more expensive than they are and will get you through the winter.
  • Yellow is a big colour this season. These gloves are the perfect shade of mustard for Autumn, which is as pivotal as canary is for summer. It is provokes the images of leaves falling to the ground at this time of year. Similarly, burgundy is also prominent in fashion this season, also bringing to mind the same image. This necklace and glove combination would be a fabulous addition to your accessories collection to accent your coated outfit with nuances of autumn to complement the trend.
I'd really really appreciate a vote, you all got me into the second round, and I'd really love to make it into the third :)
And Scroll down to the bottom and follow the link :) Thank you all so much :) xxx
S xxx


  1. Couldn't wish you more luck in this quest to be Dundrum blogger. I love that I came across your blog showing that fashion is for everyone and love it even more that its Irish :D
    You'll have my vote in every round!

  2. GOOD LUCK! ! Voted for you! xxxxxx

  3. Done!!!
    Love selection!!!

  4. Serious amount of work gone into that post, fair play to you! Best of luck x

  5. Love this! Brilliant entry I must say even though I am a competitor ;) Am following you on bloglovin and google connect now. My blog is brand new you can check it out here would really appreciate it!

    1. Awh thank you! :D I'll definitely check it out :) xxx

  6. Just tried to vote and it says survey is closed :(

    1. Awh thanks anyway, voting closed at 4 :) xxx

  7. Hi Sian. First I think your blog is absolutely fabulous and im loving all your posts! Just wanted to ask, the image of the tanned bag in the second category, do you know where I could possibly get one of these. I want one for college and I just am in love with these type of bags! Love you blog and you're doing a fab job on it!!

    1. Awh thank you very much :) Well that bag is from Topshop. But I've seen some similar in H&M, River Island, Urban Outfitters and Penneys :) I love them too, they're just so handy and go with everything- a perfect college bag! xxx


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