Thursday, 23 August 2012

Blogger in Residence Challenge

Hey Lovelies,

A bit of an unusual post from me today! I recently entered the Dundrum Town Centre Blogger in Residence Challenge. Dundrum Town Centre is less than a 10 minute walk for me and when I'm not working I'm pretty much spending my time (and money!) there.  I'm not normally one to enter into competitions as I feel I'd be a small fish in a rather big pond, but with the encouragement of my lovely friend Lynne I just went for it. It would be an amazing opportunity for me and of course the prizes are fantastic. Now, here's where you, my friends come in. All I need you guys to do is Follow the link and vote for me. It takes less than two minutes, and it would make a bloggers dream come true :) *D'awh, sappy moment*

Anyway here's the link:
Clickity Click :)

[Ignore the Facebook and twitter links, click on where it says "Would you like to Vote.."] :)

Thanks so much :D

S xxx



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