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Topshop: Shopping for a curvy girl

Topshop: Shopping for a curvy girl
Everything Topshop!
Hey Beauties!

Sorry it's been a couple of days, I've been a busy little bee. but you'll have an Outfit tomorrow, I'll make sure of it! I often shop at TopshopNow sometimes I go in and find NOTHING to suit my shape or fit over my boobs or tummy! I'm not going to lie, sometimes you do get disheartened, but I've learnt some tips along the way and I'd be more than happy to share them with you gorgeous girls.
  • OK, I'm pretty sure you're all sick of me saying this but you have to try everything on. Most of my clothing from Topshop are size 14's as the 16's fly out in their flagship store in Dublin. 
  • Jersey is your friend. I love jersey, it's really comfortable and stretches nicely to fit your shape, and I find it very flatter to my curves.
  • Step out of your comfort zone. I recently wore the deep V mesh dress, and I got so many compliments wearing it. I never thought it would look anyway decent on or if I'd even have the guts to wear it, but when I tried it on I instantly fell in love! If I hadn't bothered trying it on, I would of seriously missed out!
  • Wear their shirts open. I have this problem all the time. While shirts could fit my tummy, my bust would pop out, which isn't a good look. So I wear them open with a tunic and leggings, for a casual day time look. 
  • Always looks out for over sized bits, it's still a big trend, and it works extremely well for bigger girls.
  • Their Footware is always spot on, and a rather wide fitting! If I am to buy one thing from Topshop this Winter is a pair of boots. Last year I missed out on the Oh-So famous "Ambush" boots and this year I will not happen again. I will buy them next month if I have to! 
  • I got a pale pink sequins dress the same as the silver one above, it's an empire cut with jersey on the lining giving it a little more stretch and an open back. It's still got plenty of room on me in a size 16!
  • Which leads me to my next point. Ignore tags, and go with the cut and fabric. A-line/Empire Line are your friends as are mesh, knit and jersey :)
  • Crop top jumpers are great if you're like me and have a tummy. I plan on wearing the pink one above with a high waisted skirt and boots when it get's cold(er)!
  • The have the most amazing comfy jumpers. I have a lilac one which I got in a size 14 and it's roomy on me!, they're brillant for lounging around, going for walks or just chilling in general. I chose to showcase the black one above, which I plan on wearing with those cross print leggings and a tunic with my converse. I need to get paid pronto! 
  • Aztec print it still very big, and is lovely in knit twear. I choose this cardi because it's open and a big fit. I also love it as it's brightly coloured to make those cold, rainy wintery days a little more fun ;)

Hope you get inspired by some of these tips and if you guys have any tips for me, please let me know! :)

S xxx


  1. This just make me wana shop. The ankle boots are killer and the hand bag is lush. Its always great to step out of your comfort zone and try something new and most cases you end up loving it.


    1. I know I really really need them in my life! :D Exactly I'm mostly pleasantly surprised! :) x

  2. Love this post Sian! I only normally go in topshop for jewellery!! x

    1. Definitely checked out the clothes Callie, you'll be so surprised :) x

  3. I remember getting trend-trained in my old job about clothes to suit different sizes and you've broken some of the 'rules' here but it worked out great!! Inspirational dahling!xx

    1. Thanks Lovey :D Rules should always be broken ;) hehe x

  4. Love the boots Shaz. Need them in my life!!! Emily

  5. Thanks for this! I usually avoid topshop because I think everything will just make me look bigger! I'm definitely going to raid topshop on payday now :)


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