Friday, 13 July 2012


[Picture Heavy Post!]

Kaftan:Fusion@Monsoon,Sandals&bag:Primark,Sungalsses:OldNavy. This Kaftan is such a good summer buy, you can wear it on the beach/at the pool, or wear it when you're traveling over denim shorts and a tank top.
 On the train from Brno from Prague, very comfy might I add! Lovely leather seats and air con, all the way, which is a nice touch in the height of summer ;)
Outside the Shopping Mall!
I kept all my outfits nice and light. Although we did get a little bit of rain on the Saturday it was still hot. I'm looking the high-low trend or "mullet" dresses at the mo, a bit of glamour even on a casual day! Skirt and Sandals:New Look, everything else:Primark. This was at Prague castle were we arrived just on time for the changing of the guard!

 Everything:Primark. Top tied as crop top I loved this outfit, my mum wasn't too keen though! I wore the Primark top as a little crop top, although the light didn't pick it up too well! As you can see I was a little naughty in H&M and my mum also treated me to this dress below! It was so warm, I changed and I'm so glad I did as this dress is extremely comfy, and great for sightseeing-especially when it's extremely warm outside!
Sneaky OOTD in the Dior Window. All the Designer windows were done magnificently, and it really made me want to further a career in Visual Merchandising!

If only I had the bank balance ;)

Jewish Synagogue in the Jewish Quarter, amazingly I'd never been in one before, and it was really interesting to have a little peek :) On Charles Bridge, a landmark of Prague, It had great views, and the sun setting which made the walk even nicer. I love this dress, I saw it in the green in Forever21 in February but unfortunately when I went back the next day it was sold out! I was browsing for bits in Forever21 a few days before my hols and saw it in the green and then I saw the lilac, and I had to say the lilac was nicer. So I snapped this baby up and legged it to the till. It's a size L but has so much room in it!

Astronomical Clock in the Old Town Square.
 Five Story Night Club, myself and some friends ended up in, at the end of an amazing Pub Crawl!

As you can see this is a really long post, so I'll get it short and sweet, Prague and the Czech Republic is such a lovely country, and I really enjoyed my little break, it's a great city to go to for going out, and it has great pub crawls and the night life is nice and lively! Back to reality now, getting a little sad looking at these pics! I'll leave you with a very nice and flattering photo of me on the Pub Crawl, drenched from the rain and quite possibly after downing a few shots of Absinthe. Just for your own entertainment!

Until next time Lovelies,

Hope you all have a lovely weekend :)

S xxx


  1. The purple maxi dress is so similar to the one Carrie wore in SATC 2 but tbh I think you wore it better :)

  2. I really love Prague, although my experience of it is tainted somewhat because when I went there I ended up in hospital with appendicitis and had to have it removed!! It was a bit of a nightmare.

    I would love to go back some day though.

    1. Oh No! So sorry to hear that, I say it was a complete nightmare :( x

  3. Love the kaftan, and the dark pink skirt you wore especially out of all your lovely outfits. Your holiday looked amazing. I wouldn't bat an eyelid at someone wearing a pretty maxi to dinner; it's just so normal, isn't it?

    1. Thanks Louise :) Yeah had a really nice time, I know! It was so funny! :) xxx

  4. you look absolutely beautiful in that lilac dress! love the pleats on you <3

    sarah rose

  5. Looks like you had an amazing time! :)
    You look lovely in everything! Plus you have such beautiful hair! X

  6. I love that maxi dress. You look lovely in it! x

    1. Thank you! I'm sorta of obsessed with it! :) x

  7. Love the dip hem skirt and yellow top so much! But you look beautiful in the lilac maxi, it looks like you had an amazing time. I need that train in Manchester right now! xx

    1. Awh thanks Gemma! ha it was rather comfy ;) x

  8. Looks like you have a lovely time and the lilac dress is beautiful :) xx

  9. Absolutely amazing maxi dress!! you look gorge xx


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