Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Girly Sunday

Blazer,pumps,bangles &Sunnies:Primark,Jeans:Forever21,Scarf:H&M,Watch:Camden Market

Hey Lovelies,

Hope you're all well. I want to show you an outfit I wore to see Magic Mike on Sunday evening with a few of the girls. After being out the night before I wanted to keep it simple. I was fussing over what to wear for yonks. Ever get those days when NOTHING looks right, and I couldn't find anything to wear over my jeans. In the end as you can see I threw on a plain black tank top, my favorite mint blazer from Primark and an over sized scarf, and of course sunnies! I love blazers and jeans combo's. You can easily dress them up or down, and thanks to colored blazers being very much "in" at the moment, you have endless possibilities and combinations to funk up your look. I wore plain pumps for the casual evening, although if I was to wear this look for a night out, I would simply slip on some black platforms, a statement necklace and a large clutch and ditch the scarf.

 I love casual days, although I'm rarely seen in tracksuit bottoms. Someday I'll grace this blog in a pair for the laugh, although I must admit mine have sequins on them no less. I'm such a girly girl!Anyway on to the movie. What's better than watching gorgeous men dancing on screen in their undies?Nothing! Oh man that Channing Tatum is something else! It's the perfect girly movie, and I highly recommend it, even if you only go for the half naked men! We also went for a bite to eat in Wagamama's. It use to be one of my all time favorite restaurants, but I'd gone off it a little bit as of late, but I had such a delicious meal I've rekindled my love affair with the joint :) Chicken Katsu Curry anyone?

I can't wait to be paid and hot foot it to Primark, they have amazing bits in at the moment. I know how I'll be spending my day off next week. I've seen loads of pretty shirts, leather dresses, tweed blazers and really cute ankle boots. Hello Autumn!

S xxx


  1. You look stunning, amazing casual outfit!! I'll definitely be checking out the ankle boots and dresses in Primark too, I really don't have many shoes after flinging loads of old ones out ha xx

    1. Thanks Lovey :D Definitely do, a bargain at €21 for a pair of boots, you can't go wrong! xxx


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