Saturday, 16 June 2012


The handmade invites were gorgeous. The groom is from Scotland so the tartan bow was a nice touch.
 The Cake was a stand of Lemon Cupcakes which were absolutely delicious. I thought I'd also include a picutre of my mum and dad!
 Dress:Asos, Pashmina:George's St Arcade, Shoes: Miss Selfridge, Cuff:Unknown!

The Happy Couple, how gorgeous does the bride look here! :)
The Bridal Party. I loved the Bridesmaid's dresses, the yellow shoes and bouquet were lovely with it. They also had real daisies in their hair, which I thought was a lovely touch. All the Groomsmen were in Kilts, a tradition I love!
I loved the Bridal Car! Such an original idea!

Hey Lovelies,

Hope you all had a nice Saturday. Today as you may know, I attended a Neighbour's/ family friend's Wedding. It was a lovely day, and the rain held off, thankfully. I was unsure of what to wear this morning because of the dreadful weather forecast, but decided to brave the bare legs and Pashmina look. The Ceremony was gorgeous and really personal. You could see the love between the young couple, they really and truly looked madly in love. The Venue was lovely and spacious and the cupcakes were absolutely gorgeous and handmade by one of the brides friends. There was lots of personal touches, which I loved as it gave the wedding a really intimate feel. It also wasn't a very long affair, as some weddings can be rather long :)

I wore my Asos dress that I'd purchased for a friend's birthday last year, that I haven't worn since, which was handy, as I didn't have any money to buy a new dress and no one really remembers it! :) I actually wore it back to front, as the front of it had a mix of darker colours, where the back had all the bright colours as you can see, and I was able to pair it with a pink pashmina. All in all I had a fab day, and I wish the lovely couple a life time of happiness :)

S xxx


  1. What a gorgeous dress! Love your outfit.

    The little touches to the wedding are so cute. All the yellow and daisies are quite unique and a nice change from seeing roses. My brother-in-law is Scottish so there were kilts galore for my Sister's wedding- I never get tired of kilts!!

    1. Thank you :D I know it was really pretty especially against the mauve dress :) Yeah I love the tradition of Kilts-I better find a nice Scots man so ;) x

  2. lovely photos! xx

  3. I think those dressses are every girls dream. Everything is perfect in thia wedding. I like the yellow shoes and bouquet. I impressed by that.

    1. Yeah everything was lovely about the wedding :)


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