Friday, 15 June 2012

Everything's Peachy!

Blazer:Asos, Dress:Primark, Leggings:H&M, Boots:Evans, Necklace:Paris, Bag:Juicy Couture

Hey lovelies,

Yay it's the weekend! I'm working Sunday but have a Wedding tomorrow, and I still haven't decided what exactly I'm going to wear, Ha last minute or what? I've a few possibilities so I'll be grand ;) I wore this outfit today, The Blazer is slightly over sized and really comfy, I love love love the drapey effect, and the rolled up sleeves, making it looks dressy, yet casual. I love this lace dress, and have worn it a good few times, hope you're all not sick of it at this stage. Ever find something that you just love, and want to wear over and over again? I've no other news, although I'm being featured in the next issue of LOOK magazine, which is exciting! It's out this Tuesday :D and I can't wait to see it. I give my tips for other curvy girls shopping on the High Street.

Hope you all have a lovely Friday Night :) I'm just chilling and watching Criminal Minds! <3 Bliss ;) 

S xxx


  1. That dress is so cute!

    Have fun at that wedding tomorrow :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! I saw it in NYC summer 2010, but I couldn't afford it, but managed to track one down and got it for a birthday present :D xox

  3. That jacket is GORGE, love the colour and the shape. FABULOUSSS x x

  4. Pretty outfit! Love the dress and blazer. What exciting news about Look magazine! I'm actually reading this week's now (in between browsing, obviously).

    1. Thanks Louise! I know I'm really excited to see it :D I read LOOK religiously! :) xox

  5. I'll be having to blag someone at work into picking up LOOK so that I can see you in it :) now that i'm trying to stop spending. You look fab and i love your dress :)

  6. I love your lace dress! And that blazer is perfection.
    Also I'm super excited to follow you and I hope you'll return the favor. More curvy girls like us need to show off their amazing style (;

    xx Amber

    1. Thank you :) I'll take a look at your blog now :D xox


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