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Curvy Girl Tips

Hey Lovelies :) 

Today I was so lucky and featured in one of my favourite magazine's LOOK.I was really honoured as this little blog is only in it's baby stages. I'll be blogging for 5 months next month, time really flies when you're having fun! I was giving my top fashion tips, but I thought I'd elaborate a bit more. Of course there wasn't enough room for all my mumbo jumbo, so I thought I'd dedicate a blog post to it ;)

OK first things first. I can range from a size 14 up, as some shops cut their clothes differently to others. So bare that in mind when your shopping, as if you're a 16 in one shop, you could be an 18 in another, so please don't let that discourage you. Even in the same shop you find discrepancies within their sizing. Always going shopping with an open mind. When I go shopping I tend to wear things I can easily throw off and on, which definitely makes the experiences a much more pleasnt one, as there is nothing worse than getting frustrated with zips, buttons and fiddly bits in changing rooms. 

So here are a few of my tips :) 

  • I've said this countless times, but try EVERYTHING ON. If you're an 18, but see something you like in a 14 or 16, try it on. The worst case scenario it doesn't fit, but I've often been pleasantly surprised. 
  •  I have a bigger bust, and find that shirts don't tend to close correctly over them. My solution is wear them over a top or tank top open. It still looks chic and smart. 
  • Don't be afraid of skinny jeans. I'm a massive fan of them. If you're conscious of your thighs, wear a long line tank top over them. You can pick these up relatively cheap in Topshop and H&M. 
  • Layering is your friend. You look bang on trend, yet you're comfy and casual. My go to outfit, would be skinny jeans or leggings, a tunic top layered over a long line tank and a cardi or blazer.
  • Try styles that you think would never suit you. It's all about trial and error. You might think Bodycon dress wouldn't flatter your curves but it could look absolutely amazing on you!
  •  Don't limit yourself to Plus Size Stores.Don't be afraid to go into stores, that you think won't cater for you. Over size is still a big trend, which is why I love Zara, H&M and Topshop at the moment. It might not fit the way the manufacter intended it to fit, but if it looks nice on and you feel comfortable and confident in it, what's stopping you?
  • Maternty sections. Now I know I sound daft. But if you have a larger tummy, have a peak in the maternity section. (Asos has a great selection!) Normally I find Size 16 shirts to tight on my bust and sometimes my tummy, but recently purchased a size 16 one from Asos Maternity and it fits like a dream. Problem sorted.
  • For even lovely skinny girls, finding a pair of jeans is a nightmare. The Forever21 plus size selection have amazing jeans, and this is not an exaggeration. I didn't think anything would entice me out of my leggings! Their jeans fit like a dream. They all have a slight stretch in them and they don't cut them low rise. If you don't have a Forever21 near you, they have an online stores (www.forever21.eu)and just pick your normal size, I've quite a few and have found the sizing to be true to size.
  • Swimwear, is another thing to get right. I recently splurged and bought a Monif C Bikini. With shipping and taxes, it was a pretty penny, BUT it fits me amazingly, which is so important. You have to feel confident rocking swimwear, so if you can afford it,splash out, as if you treat them well, they can last a few years. Simply Be, Elomi and Monif C do lovely ones.

I'm sure I'll come up with a few more tips, so look out for part two coming soon! I'm off to celebrate a lovely friend's birthday. So I'll chat up with you guys soons :) 

S xxx



  1. Great tips, Sian! And congratulations about being featured in Look. I'll be picking it up this week to read, for sure :)

    1. Thanks Louise :) Yeah I was well chuffed :D Hehe do, It's a great body issue :D xox

  2. Congratulations for being featured in Look, what an achievement:) Great post as always hunni xx

    1. Thanks Gemma :D If you still wanna tweet me, the outfit for accessories do! I'd love to help :) xox

  3. Thank you for this! I find it so hard looking at blogs are skinny girls, I see something they wear and Im like I WANT! Then I find something similar and I just feel fat, its really hard. There are days when I think I need to be thinner to be pretty, but I see girls like you and i'm like why? these girls are beautiful, in my eyes more so then a lot of thinner girls (everyones beautiful, don't get me wrong).

    I find it really hard to find skirts I like. I have really wide hips and my waist goes in but it's quite high up. so unless I wear a skirt in the middle of my hips it just slides up to my waist and gets really short. What type of skirts would you recommend? I tend to wear ones that are like this http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/img-thing?.out=jpg&size=l&tid=48677667 as I feel happiest in them but I would love to wear something else for once, i just dont know :(

    p.s. Thanks for the forever 21 tip! Im going to london soon and really wanted to go to f21 but I would never of dreamt of trying the jeans out!

    sorry this is huge! x

    1. Hi there :) Thank for your lovely comment :) I know how hard it can be too!I'm not a huge fan of skirts believe it or not. and if I do wear them I only wear them on my waist, with really thick tights. Midi skirts are everywhere at the moment,you could wear them on your waist, that way it won't be short. I've seen loads of Midi skirts on Asos! H&M and also River Island have a few? So that might be something to try if you wanna give something new a go :) Seriously do-I'm absolutely in love with the jeans!

      Sian xxx

  4. Hi Sian,
    Just found your blog reading this week's Look Magazine and I thought to check it out. I love your style. Following u on GFC and bloglovin. I just started mine so when you have time please check it out and follow hopefully.



    1. Hi Ivy, glad you like my blog :) I'll have a little look now :) xxx

  5. I loved this! I'm so glad I emailed you. :)
    I'm more excited about going clothes shopping in a couple of days now. :)
    Congrats on being featured in LOOK last year! :D xx

    1. Awh that's great! Let me know if you need anymore tips! xxx


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