Thursday, 14 June 2012


Here's a few Snaps of my random trip to Belfast :)

We got really hungry En Route in Armagh! Nom nom nom
 Belfast Town Hall

 Jacket:New Look,Dress:Asos,Tights:M&S,Boots:Evans
I wore this outfit down, as it's actually really comfortable and it was meant to bucket rain! Thankfully the two days were dry!
 I found all these Mural's fascinating. The city is scattered with them, I'd love to take the tour that showcases them all. This is the only one I was able to get a clear picture of!
 Our cute little B&B, The lady Aoife was so lovely, and even left us some breakfast after we missed it, knowing we would most likely have fuzzy heads ;)

Top:American:Apparel,Blazer:M&S,Jeans:Forever21,Wedges:New Look, Jewellery: Primark. 

Since it was a last minute trip I opted for the safe option of jeans, top and blazer. I wasn't in a classic mood so  wore my edgy bleached ripped jeans and also added a bold statement necklace, which didn't come out too well in the photo, but believe me, it's bright! 

Fibber's MaGee, Best bar for craic in Belfast, the band was unreal!

The Titanic Experience, if you're ever in Belfast it's a must see! Both myself and my friend are History buffs,  so this was right up our street!

Hey Lovelies,

Myself and my friend Laura decided very last minute to go to Belfast for the night, as we both had the same few days off (which never happens!).Off we went early yesterday morning, and we left Belfast this evening. It would usually take two hours up the M1 motorway, which is nothing at all really! The Accommodation got mixed up so we ended up searching around the city. Westlife were playing in the Odyssey so most places were booked up! Anyway we managed to get a little B&B called Sleepy Ceader's which was really quaint and nice! We hit up the shops a bit yesterday and then decided to paint the town red! We started off the night in Fibber McGee's where a great band were playing! We had a great time there, but when the band finished up we went around to "Rain" nightclub..or should I say the local underage disco! Haha! We had a great night regardless, and just had a few more drinks and a bit of a dance to make the most of it! Today we went to the Titanic Experience, it was really interesting, and made us both want to see the movie again! It took us about two hours to get through,but it wasn't one bit boring and we thoroughly enjoyed it, I recommend anyone visiting Belfast to see it. It's nice getting out of your usual routine, even if it's just for a day or two :) 

Anyway I'm absolutely knackered, I'll chat to you all soon :)

S xxx


  1. cute outfit, cant wait to see what youll be wearing for the challenge :)

  2. I love the dress you're wearing in the first photos. And how cute does the bnb look with all the bunting? I'd love to visit the Titanic museum thing, as I'm a bit of a Titanic geek and find it interesting. I went to see the exhibition about it that was in the London O2 last year. I've been to Belfast twice and it seems like a nice place. x

    1. Thank you! I know the place wsas so cute! Definitely see it, if you're ever in Belfast again, it's great :) xox

  3. Ahhhhh KFC i loveeeeee :D You look fab too hunni as alwayssss :D x x

    1. Hehe me too, can't beat a boneless box ;) Thank you :D xox


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