Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Forever Fabulous in Sequins

Sequin Tshirt and necklace: H&M,Dress: Asos ,Tights: Marks and Spencer,Shoes: Dunnes Stores

Hey Lovelies,

I wore this outfit a few weeks ago for dinner with the family! I love sequins, and hate that they are almost only affiliated with Christmas time. I like to rock them all year round. I bought this top last October in H&M, and I'm mad that I didn't get the black version too. I love it. It's also a  great way to dress up a boring pair of jeans.I wore it over my Asos plain black dress, and a statement necklace, with matching pink lips :)In hindsight I should of maybe put on a little bit of fake tan on my arms, but what can ya do ;) I'll use a little bit next time I wear this outfit!

As always thanks for reading :D

S xxx


  1. Love the sparkles, Sian! It's a really cute top :)

  2. OMG I need that top!
    Anything glittery needs to be mine mine mine!
    You look great! :)


    1. I know I'm the very same, I'm like a Magpie!
      Thank you :) x


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