Wednesday, 17 September 2014


Yesterday afternoon my lovely friend Rachael and I drove down to Glendalough in Wicklow, which is about 35 minutes from Dublin. It was a lovely Day so we put on our gym gear and decide to go for a walk holding onto the last bit of sunshine before Autumn comes in. 
It was what we both needed. It's nice to get out of the city and into the countryside. It's what I love about Ireland that only 45 minutes out of the city is this beautiful countryside. We plan to go back and do the "Wicklow Way" on Saturday as I was rushing back for 7. It's a 4 and a half hour Hike (13km), but the views are supposed to be worth it! If you're ever visiting Dublin for a few days I would 100% recommend visiting Glendalough if the days is nice and dry! It's gorgeous and Buses leave from the City Centre a couple of times a day if I remember correctly. They have a number of different trails ranging from a short 1KM to the Wicklow Way and all different levels so there's something for everyone. There's a lovely Hotel as well as a Hostel down there so if you're knackered after hiking you can crash there after a good feed. In the heart of Glendalough is also an old Monastery which is so interesting. We both rambled around for a little bit. It's a really lovely afternoon, one that we will definitely do again! 

Dear Kate | Queen Collection

Pants aren't normally something I talk about here, but I don't know why, we all wear them (hopefully!) I was recently introduced the the Brand Dear Kate. "Made by women for women, Dear Kate is a new kind of Underwear with a built-in breathable lining that protects like a pantiliner" Dear Kate caters for a good range of sizing from xs-3x which is great!
Long story short, this brand is an alternative to period pants (we all have those pants, don't lie!) and embarrassing mishaps! Each pair of pants is leak resistant which so you can go about your day whether you're hitting the shops or hitting the gym. Best Part? They're extremely comfortable. They were developed so they're silky soft, which I can vouch for! You don't even need to save them for your period, wear these babies month round - fresh ones that is...
They recently launched a plus size range called "Queen" which is a pretty awesome name if you ask me.  What's even better is that they've used the Blogger Brittany from Brittany, Herself  to feature in the Look Book, which is pretty great. I think we can all agree she looks awesome! If only I could look that good in me knickers, I'd be as happy as Larry.
I've was kindly sent a pair of the Amelia Hipster and ordered a 1x, and I find them very generous, which I like though, old before my time no teeny tiny pants for me! They're the perfect "Period Pants" as you feel protected as well as comfortable. A fantastic alternative to a pantyliner which can be irritating at the best of times. They're incredibly soft and don't dig in, in the slightest which gives    them a 10/10 from me.                    
Now lets be real here, they're not cheap, not everyone has $40 to drop on a pair of pants,but even if you invest in one pair you won't regret it. They come in a range of cute colours, and have a few different detailing. Mine have a cute lace band which makes them a bit more sexy, sexy period pants that are comfy and leave you feeling protected? Never thought those two words would be in the same sentence!